Mountain City summits Sulphur Dell

The 2022 Sulphur Dell Cup Champion was crowned in a rain-soaked affair on September 10, 2022. Mountain City defeated the Phoenix of East Nashville, 9-2 in the final. They had previously defeated the defending champion Quicksteps of Spring Hill, and their fellow Chattanooga compatriots the Lightfoot Club.

The Mountain City Club has appeared in the final two other times. The current club is captained by Josh “Shammy” Blair. And it’s members are Shane “Sugar” Wise, Ben “The Dude” Blair, John “The Mayor” Hixson, Brian “Old Boy” Hamilton, Stephen “Ironhead” Campbell, Conor “Huckleberry” O’Day, Troy “Cobra” Walker, Lucas “Grizzly” Lewis, Nick “Cue Ball” Bosco, Gary “Baby Face” Green, Darius “Britches” Matthews, Mark “Preach” Miller, Zach “Specs” Campbell, and Kyndel “Choo Choo” Morris.