3 Outs Three hands dead
Ball Apple, pill, horsehide, onion
Bat Willow
Bat Boy Mascot
Batter Striker
Batter up “Striker to the line”
Bounce Bound
Centerfielder Midfielder
Enthusiastic, unskilled player Muffin
Enthusiastic Play Ginger
Enthusiastic Cheer Huzzah!
Error Muff, duff, boot, juggle, mug
Fans Spectators, the throng, rooters
Field Grounds
Foul Ball Foul tic
High Fly Ball Sky scraper, cloud hunter
Weak Fly Ball Blooper, banjo hit
Game Match
Good Hit Knock, hammer, stinger, stunner
Good Pitch “Well Hurled”
Great Hit or Play Pluck
Ground Ball Bug bruiser, daisy cutter, grass clipper
Home Plate Home base
Home Run Four baser
Hustle “Leg it!”
Infielder Basetender
Nice Hit “Well hit, sir.”
Nice Play “Well fielded, sir.”
Opponent Adversary
Out Hand dead,
hand lost
Outfield Garden
Outfielder Scout
Pitcher Pitcher, bowler, thrower, feeder
Pitcher’s Mound Pitcher’s Point
Play Harder or Smarter “Show some Ginger!”
Player Ballist
Power Hitter Muckle
Proficient Player Artist
Run Ace, tally
Run it Out “Stir your Stumps”
Scorekeeper Tallykeeper
Shortstop Short scout, rover
Slow Pitch Dew drop
Team Club, nine, side
Umpire Arbiter
Ungentlemanly Maneuver Boodler
Unfortunate place to field a base ball In the bellows