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Hog and Hominy Picked Nine take 2 of 4

In their debut performance yesterday, the travel team of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball, the Hog and Hominy Picked Nine took two of four games at the Queen City Invitational in Cincinnati.

The H&H took two six inning games in quick succession from the host teams, Red Stockings of Cincinnati and the Buckeye Club of Cincinnati playing using the rules of 1865. The H&H then fell short against the Champion Hilltoppers and the Wyandotte Stars.

The H&H will next take the field against the Elkton Eclipse in a series of base ball matches commencing Saturday June 27th. The first matches will be played at the lawn of President Jackson’s home at the Hermitage, followed on June 28th with matches at the Bicentennial Capitol State Park in Nashville.

2015 Schedule Released

Today we have announced our 2015 schedule of play for the 2015 season. We will conduct 64 matches at 8 sites over the course of the summer, opening April 4, 2015 at the 6th Cavalry Museum in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Saturday4/4/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumNSH 23-MTN 12
Saturday4/4/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumFRA 15-LCC 10
Saturday4/11/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseHRD 10-KNX 9
Saturday4/11/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseSCS 13-EMK 5
Sunday4/12/201512:00pmPhoenix of East NashvilleOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationPEN 14-OHT 9
Saturday4/18/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumKNX 17-MTN 14
Saturday4/18/20152:30pmEmmett MachinistsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumEMK 20-LCC 15
Sunday4/19/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsPhoenix of East NashvilleSam Davis Home & PlantationNSH 7-PEN 1
Sunday4/19/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersStewart's Creek ScoutsSam Davis Home & PlantationSCS 16-FRA 9
Sunday4/19/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationHRD 10-OHT 6
Saturday5/2/201512:00pmPhoenix of East NashvilleEmmett MachinistsWorld's Fair ParkPEN 12-EMK 10
Saturday5/2/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersKnoxville HolstonsWorld's Fair ParkFRA 9-KNX 7
Saturday5/2/201512:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMTN 9-LCC 5
Sunday5/3/201512:00pmStewart's Creek ScoutsHighland Rim DistillersCarnton PlantationHRD 9-SCS 8
Sunday5/3/20152:30pmNashville MaroonsOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationNSH 15-OHT 8
Saturday5/16/201512:00pmStewart's Creek ScoutsNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkSCS 14-NSH 8
Saturday5/16/201512:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 8-LCC 2
Saturday5/16/20152:30pmHighland Rim DistillersEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseHRD 22-EMK 0
Sunday5/17/201512:00pmMountain City of ChattanoogaOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationOHT 14- MTN 8
Sunday5/17/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleFranklin FarriersCarnton PlantationFRA 16-PEN 12
Saturday5/30/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumLCC 12-OHT 8
Saturday5/30/201512:00pmEmmett MachinistsKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 19-EMK 0
Sunday5/31/201512:00pmStewart's Creek ScoutsFranklin FarriersBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkSCS 11-FRA 10
Sunday5/31/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkNSH 10- PEN 3
Sunday5/31/201512:00pmMountain City of ChattanoogaHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationMCC 7-HRD 6
Saturday6/6/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 12-NSH 6
Saturday6/6/20152:30pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseLCC 9-EMT 5
Saturday6/6/201512:00pmFranklin FarriersMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMCC 19-FRA 5
Sunday6/7/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersOak Hill TravellersSam Davis HomeOHT 17- HRD 4
Sunday6/7/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsPhoenix of East NashvilleSam Davis HomeSCS 5-PEN 2
Saturday6/20/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumKNX 18-MCC 6
Saturday6/20/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumLCC 11-SCS 8
Sunday6/21/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationHRD 5-NSH 3
Sunday6/21/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersPhoenix of East NashvilleCarnton PlantationPEN 7-OHT 4
Sunday6/21/20152:30pmEmmett MachinistsFranklin FarriersCarnton PlantationEMK 13-FRA 12
Saturday7/11/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumLCC 19-NSH 18
Saturday7/11/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMTN 7-PHX 5
Saturday7/11/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 8-EMK 7
Sunday7/12/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersFranklin FarriersCarnton PlantationHRD 8 - FRA 5
Sunday7/12/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationOHT 8 - SCS 4
Saturday8/1/201512:00pmMountain City of ChattanoogaLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMTN 10 - LCC 8
Sunday8/2/201512:00pmEmmett MachinistsNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkNSH 4 - EMK 3
Sunday8/2/20152:30pmHighland Rim DistillersPhoenix of East NashvilleBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkPEN 6 - HRD 2
Sunday8/2/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsStewart's Creek ScoutsSam Davis Home & PlantationSCS 12 - KNX 7
Sunday8/2/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersOak Hill TravellersSam Davis Home & PlantationOHT 24 - FRA 9
Sunday8/9/201512:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaPhoenix of East NashvilleSam Davis Home & PlantationLCC 10 - PEN 5
Sunday8/9/20152:30pmNashville MaroonsStewart's Creek ScoutsSam Davis Home & PlantationSCS 17-NSH 5
Sunday8/9/201512:00pmFranklin FarriersHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationHRD 19 -FRA 4
Saturday8/15/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersKnoxville HolstonsWorld's Fair ParkKNX 9-OHT 3
Saturday8/15/20152:30pmMountain City of ChattanoogaEmmett MachinistsWorld's Fair ParkMTN 12-EMK 2
Saturday8/29/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseOHT 8 - EMK 3
Saturday8/29/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 8 - PEN 3
Saturday8/29/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumHRD 11 - LCC 10
Saturday8/29/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumSCS 4 - MTN 3
Sunday8/30/201512:00pmFranklin FarriersNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkNSH 9 -FRA 4
Saturday & Sunday9/12 & 9/13 2015 Sulphur Dell Cup Tournament Carnton Plantation
Saturday9/12/201510:00am CentralEast Nashville Phoenix Franklin FarriersEFF: Eastern Flank Field
Saturday9/12/201510:00am CentralOak Hill TravellersEmmett MachinistsMCG: McGavock's Field
Saturday9/12/201512:00pm CentralNashville MaroonsMountain City Club of ChattanoogaEFF: Eastern Flank Field
Saturday9/12/201512:00pm CentralKnoxville HolstonsLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaMCG: McGavock's Field
Saturday9/12/20152:00pm CentralStewart's Creek Scouts** Higher SeedEFF: Eastern Flank Field
Saturday9/12/20152:00pm CentralHighland Rim Distillers** Lower SeedMCG: McGavock's Field
Sunday9/13/201512:00pm CentralSemi-FinalSemi-FinalEFF: Eastern Flank
Sunday9/13/201512:00pm CentralSemi-FinalSemi-FinalMCG: McGavock's Field
Sunday9/13/20152;30pm Central** Championship Matchup **MCG: McGavock's Field

VBBA Schedule Announced

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball announced this week the schedule for the 2015 VBBA conference to be held in Franklin, Tenn. March 27-29, 2015. More information about how to register and attend can be found here.