Robert “The Bear” Baehr

Robert "The Bear" Baehr

Rob was born in 1834 in the most mountainous region of the Catskills in Andes, New York.  He grew up amongst the saw and grist mills of the small town.  As a young man his family travelled south and eventually settled in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He was able to find steady work at the local mill just across town on Lightfoot Mill Road.  Not simply known for his imposing size, he was a hard and tireless worker and quickly became a favorite at the mill.  It was said that when the days work had to get done, the foreman would yell “Get me the Bear!”

Hearing about the new gentleman’s game called base ball, he could not fight the urge to join.  Rob “The Bear” Baehr is an original member of the Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga.  Drawing from his experience and physical demands of his job; just as his name would suggest, “The Bear” stands tall as the third baseman and fearlessly challenges ever whizzer, corker, and stinger that comes his direction.


2016 – BAvg: .647  RBIs: 28  Tot Bases: 47
2017 – BAvg: .692  RBIs: 13  Tot Bases: 47
2018 – BAvg: .667  RBIs: 27  Tot Bases: 49

Regular Season