Robbie “The Natural” Cook

Name: Robbie “The Natural” Cook and Will “Southpaw” Cook

Occupation: CEO, Hester & Cook; Student

Team: Nashville Maroons

“The Natural” is a homegrown ballist from Nashville. His son “Southpaw” is the mascot for the Nashville Maroons.

 TAOVBB: Your company, Hester & Cook, seems really cool. Tell me more about it.

The Natural: Hester & Cook is a design company that is locally owned and operated. We take things that were once usable and repurpose them to make them usable again. That includes our paper products, which are made of recycled material. We find value in making things desirable again.

 TAOVBB: That sounds a lot like we do over here at Tennessee Vintage Base Ball…

The Natural: I think that there is a lot of overlap between the two. Vintage Base Ball is reintroducing the original game to a new audience, and that is just what happens at Hester & Cook. I love to collect old things, and turn them into something new. It feels like that happens with both my job and with Vintage Base Ball.

 TAOVBB: How did you find out about Vintage Base Ball?

The Natural: I saw an ad in the paper, and responded to it. Since I live in Nashville, I joined the Nashville team. I like Vintage Base Ball because it is so accessible, both to fans and players. The on-the-bound rule helps people of all ages and skill levels stay competitive, and the environment of the game is very inviting for fans. It’s really nice to see so many people react so positively to it.