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On May 23, 1860, General Félix María Zuloaga, was elected President of Mexico.  He was known to be a brutal reformer and patriot of Mexico.  He led a coup which caused the execution of many Mexican political officials.  He had one main executioner and assassin.  This mysterious hit man came to be known as Taco, because of the way he folded the bodies of those he killed to send a message to other enemies.

President Zuloaga learned of a planned possible invasion of Mexico, by Confederate war hero Nathan Bedford Forrest.  This gravely concerned the President, and he was worried that Confederate expatriates would flee to Mexico, and would exert force to complete this task.  President Zuloago sent Mexico’s most dangerous man to spy upon and possibly assassinate N.B. Forrest.

Taco left his homeland and headed to Tennessee to find Forrest and his men.  While Taco was in the middle of his mission and only days away from assassinating Forrest, President Zuloago was removed from office by a coup.  Taco, abandoned his mission, but refused to return to Mexico out of spite for the new government.  While spying on confederate soldiers, Taco saw a game he had never seen before, played with wooden bats and a white ball that was hit and thrown around a diamond shaped field.  Posing as a Mexican cook, he befriended a group of soldiers stationed in Chattanooga so he could learn to play this fascinating game.  Eventually Wings, captain of the Mountain City Base Ball club saw Taco playing in a pickup game of base ball and noticed his soft hands, quick feet, and power at the dish.  Wings quickly recruited him to play left field scout for Mountain City.  Taco is a tremendous ballist who is considered one of the best left fielders in the state of Tennessee.


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