John “The Mayor” Hixson

John "The Mayor" Hixson

Originally from north of Mountain City, The Mayor purchased land in Chattanooga on June 15, 1840 and immediately set up a law office.  The Mayor did not support secession, and throughout the Union army’s occupation of Chattanooga, worked with military commanders as needed.

As the Union army began returning Chattanooga to its citizens, military officials ordered an election to be held on October 7, 1865.  No citizens who had sympathized or helped the Confederate government were allowed to vote, and only Unionists or those who remained neutral were eligible to serve as mayor or aldermen until January 1, 1866.   Mayor and the alderman’s task for their short term was to re-draft all city ordinances in order to re-establish the local government.

One of the first things he did was establish a base ball club.

Regular Season

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