Joey “The Tramp” Hood

Joey "The Tramp" Hood

Little is really known about “The Tramp”.  Some say he was born in Texas; while others claim he is from Maine.  Made up of tall tales, recollections, and rumors, his life’s history is as shrouded as his origin.

Evidence indicates he has some history in California where stories reference a stout, young man, standing 6’6″, who set out for the gold rush by lassoing a speeding train headed for Sutter’s Mill.  With little success, it is said he joined a traveling carnival act; where he would pit his strength against 5 men in a tug-of-war.  Pictures later surfaced that suggests he worked with Eadweard Muybridge in his endeavors in photography sciences. It is also said he was related to a most infamous Confederate general; however, there is no justifiable evidence to substantiate those claims.

Joey “The Tramp” Hood is a recent addition to the Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga.  Using his intellect and agility he patrols the field as the second baseman; where he is ever diligent to assist or make the out at the sack and stands ready to cut down even the swiftest of runners.  Some one was quoted as saying “He just walked up and started playing base ball, and he hasn’t left yet.” 

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