Clark “Toothpick” Ramey

Name: Clark “Toothpick” Ramey

Occupation: Teacher

Team: Franklin Farriers

Preferred Bat: 33” Phoenix ‘JT’ or 36” Smacker ‘Stinger’

Toothpick” is a Yankee originally from Dayton, Ohio. He is a 2014 TAOVBB Rookie, a proud “wrong-sider”, and the unofficial, self-appointed “Director of Online Ballist Profiles.”

TAOVBB: How did you end up in Middle Tennessee?

Toothpick: I moved to Nashville in 2006 to attend Vanderbilt University, and after graduating, loved the area so much that my wife Lauren and I decided to stay permanently. We live in Spring Hill, with our two dogs, Mac and Rosie.

TAOVBB: Where does your nickname come from?

Toothpick: I’m one of the bigger guys on the team, but I swing the smallest bat. The bat looks tiny in my hands, and it got the nickname “The Toothpick”. And like any good story goes, the rest is history.

TAOVBB: What drew you to Vintage Base Ball?

Toothpick: My father instilled a love of the game in me at a very young age, and not just of the game itself, but also of the history and tradition of it. Vintage Base Ball is the closest thing to baseball perfection that I have been around in a long time, and I have been drawn in by the spirit of the game and the people who play it. The game has me hooked.