Andrew “Bandit” Bewley

usaUnited States
Current Team
Mountain City

Born into the wilds of the California Republic, Mighty Bandit acquired his nickname in his early days by sneaking on to the gold claims around Sutter’s Mill on the American River and pilfering the miner’s gold hidden in their hidey holes at the camps

With the fear of frontier justice closing in, Bandit fled the wilds of the west to hide out with family on the Cumberland Plateau. Seeking to establish himself as a member of society, he used his ill-gotten gains to acquire the family’s ancestral home in Charleston and started a stock trading and investment house. Bandit joined the local base ball nine representing South of Broad Street Swells, the best team money could buy. While becoming quite successful, he longed for the adventure that could not be found behind an oak desk nor on the ball field. The outbreak of hostilities between the states offered Bandit a chance to get back into the wilds, and he ultimately landed with the Army of Tennessee.

The end of the Chattanooga Campaign left Bandit disillusioned and he resigned his commission to go back into the world of stock trading. Establishing a new firm on Market Street, he was soon recruited to join and co-captain the Mountain City Base Ball Club by his best client, the founder and captain of the club, Wings. He in turn recruited his son, Sweet Feet, to anchor the Outfield Scouts while Bandit has ably handled the challenging yet rewarding Short Scout position ever since.