Hog and Hominy Picked Nine take 2 of 4

In their debut performance yesterday, the travel team of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball, the Hog and Hominy Picked Nine took two of four games at the Queen City Invitational in Cincinnati.

The H&H took two six inning games in quick succession from the host teams, Red Stockings of Cincinnati and the Buckeye Club of Cincinnati playing using the rules of 1865. The H&H then fell short against the Champion Hilltoppers and the Wyandotte Stars.

The H&H will next take the field against the Elkton Eclipse in a series of base ball matches commencing Saturday June 27th. The first matches will be played at the lawn of President Jackson’s home at the Hermitage, followed on June 28th with matches at the Bicentennial Capitol State Park in Nashville.