Cumberlanders Win Home Opener

Defending their home grounds of the Hermitage, the Cumberlanders defeated the visiting Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga, 15-8. This is their second win of the season and first home opening win in club history.

Rico, Spoons, and Fish played highlight defense when they turned a 5-4-3 double play to end both a Lightfoot threat and the inning.

Sharkbait had a strong 8th inning on defense when she began and ended one of the final Lightfoot threats. She began the inning with an outfield assist from right center field to nail the leadoff runner at third with a strong relay from Ozark. After a defensive change, due to an appearance from Lightfoot slugger Bear with runners on base, she ended the inning with a 4-3 groundout assist to Fish.

Burnside made his first appearance of the season by scoring one run and driving in two RBI, while also playing spectacular defense at the first sack.

Cornstalk lead the middle of the lineup for the Cumberlanders with six at-bats, four hits, three runs while driving in one runner.

Shadetree continued his strong start at the plate by 3 for 4 with two runs and two RBI while also striking out one Lightfoot batsman. He was awarded the game ball for his efforts.

The Cumberlanders next game is on May 22nd, as they travel to Murfreesboro to play the Emmett Machinists of Knoxville at Oaklands Mansion. First pitch is scheduled for noon.

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