Cumberlanders Fall to Scouts, 17-5

Despite 19 team hits, the Cumberland Club of Nashville continued their winless streak against the Stones River Scouts at Oaklands Mansion.

The cool, gray skies of Middle Tennessee set the tone for what would end up being a cool, gray offensive production for the Cumberlanders, as they could only muster 5 runs against a well prepared and aggressive Stones River club.

After giving up 4 runs in the top of the first, the Cumberlander offense struck back quick with three straight base hits from Ozark, Burnside, and Corndog. The last of which plated the team’s first run of the season. Montana traded two outs for another run in the first, effectively driving in the second run of the year.

Also within the first three innings, Sharkbait, Books, and Fish recorded their first knocks on the season.

With one out in the top of the 4th, Ozark smacked a screamer down the left field line for an easy double, with Burnside reaching base and moving up to second on the throw home to hold Ozark at 3rd. Corndog would follow with a base hit of his own loading the bases for rookie second baseman Montana for the second time in the game.

Learning from her last at-bat, she drove in the bearded brothers to record her first hit and first two RBI of her career. Cornstalk followed suit by driving in his maizey counterpart Corndog, but the rally came up short with a fielder’s choice and flyout to end the inning.

Montana at Oaklands Mansion

The 5th saw Professor with his first hit on the season and the 6th provided us with Fish’s second hit in the game and Slapshot’s first hit on the season and eighth since 2019.

The 7th lit up with another pair of singles from Ozark and Burnside, but was quickly snuffed out with another pair of fielder’s choice groundouts. Montana, Cornstalk, and Fixer would also record hits before the final out.

While scattering 19 hits over the course of nine innings, the Cumberlanders also hit into 4 double plays over the course of the game. Essentially ending and real threat to catch the Scouts who were up 8-2 by the end of the third.

The Cumberlanders will play their first game at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage since June 2019, where they will take on the Franklin Farriers on May 16th at 2:00 p.m. Additional entertainment will feature Ted Guillaum on crank organ for pregame and between innings.


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