A statement on an incident in Chattanooga

We were informed today of an incident in Chattanooga involving one of our players. The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball condemns the individuals behavior and does not tolerate racism or indecency in any form. The player in question has been expelled from our league.

We play a game that adheres to rules from the 19th Century. However, our organization does not support or promote the discriminatory beliefs inherent to that time period. Our goal has always been to inform the public of the history of what we believe is the greatest sport ever played – and to do so in a way that engages fans in spectacle. In doing so, we have always strived for total inclusivity and have adapted the rules of 1864 to accomplish that goal.

Our game is built on the backbone of honorable behavior, where all players cheer on all players, the competition is friendly, and the final team on top celebrates only after shaking the hands of its opponent.

To be clear, we have zero tolerance for racism and we are committed to taking the necessary time and effort to combat prejudice.

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