2017 Candidate Information

Candidates for Treasurer

“Cactus” Mac Ruderer – Highland Rim Distillers

“Cactus” Mac Ruderer is an original member of the Highland Rim Distillers. He is grateful for the opportunity he has had to share the field with you fine ladies and gentlemen for the past four years and wants to give back to TAOVBB so that many more may enjoy this experience for years to come. 

Cactus is a Certified Public Accountant. After seven years in the private sector as a financial analyst, he began working for the Tennessee Office of the Comptroller as a Financial & Compliance Auditor in January 2017. You already trust him to ensure that your state’s tax dollars work for you, why not trust him to do the same for TAOVBB funds?


Candidates for Director of Media

Heath “H. I.” Farris– Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga

To the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball:
As a candidate for the position of Director of Media I will look to further promote the joy of vintage base ball and our league. Since it began in 2013, the league has continued to expand; which is a clear indication that the fans and players still love base ball. I have no formal experience as a director, but I have had the pleasure to be a fan at a Father’s Day exhibition, a “Muffin” on the field, and an ambassador to our league when meeting new fans. As Director of Media, I will dedicate myself to continuing the exceptional efforts of my predecessors and find new and exciting opportunities to share the history of base ball; while attempting to grow the league’s fan base.

“…and if elected they will have conferred a favor upon me, for which I shall be unremitting in my labors to compensate.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1832


Matt “Cannonball” Felts – Quicksteps of Spring Hill

  • Active in the league for two years as a Quickstep and with the H&H9

Professional Experience

  • 15 years as an internationally known recording artist
  • Inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame
  • Currently the General Manager of Butler Music Group (record label)
  • Currently handle artist management and publicity/ promotion for numerous top artists
  • Former marketing and publicity director for Guess Jeans
  • Played baseball in college and in the Frontier League


  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing – University of Missouri
  • Masters Degree studies in marketing and publicity from Harvard Business School

My unique career path has built a strong understanding and skill set in publicity. Over the course of my music career, I have personally handled the promotions and marketing of my music as well as top artists such as Larry Gatlin, Oak Ridge Boys, and others. I have had tremendous success in those areas. I have worked hand in hand with major media companies such as ABC, ESPN, People Magazine, etc. I have worked with newspapers all across the country to have stories in their publication. One example of these relationships would be my latest album where I worked out a sponsorship with the Nashville Sounds, McDonald’s, and other major companies. I also arranged Don Mattingly to be a guest on the project. The album has been featured in major music publications such as Billboard Magazine and is scheduled to be highlighted in the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN.

When I played in the Frontier league, my team allowed me to work with the community relations director which gave me invaluable experience on how to connect a community with the team. This would be helpful for each local team to assist in building a larger fan base. I would also like to work with each team on how to connect with local businesses to connect to their community.

Jenni “Pig Pen” Gentry– Quicksteps of Spring Hill



Candidates for Player Representative

Robbie “The Natural” Cook – Nashville Maroons

Robbie Cook ” The Natural” as given to my by Judge Tatlow at my first practice.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to be your player representative.

A little about myself. I am 55 years old a Nashville native , Married with 3 sons. I am a 5 season member of the Maroons As a player I also handle set up duties at out home field. I have been the CEO of Hester & Cook for 12 years. We have sponsored out league for all 5 seasons. I am also the Chairmen of the board of the Wonderful Life Foundation handling fundraising and gifting. WLF give financial help to family’s that have children fighting cancer with little or no means. I have been the middle Tennessee delegate for 24 years to the Austin Healey Club of America. I coach Little League baseball and have for 8 years. I feel with my experience I could help make a great league even better.

Thank you

The Natural


Chris “Snookie Roy” Hoff – Phoenix of East Nashville

I will follow Skeeter’s example by not affiliating myself with any club except for the responsibilities with the H&H9.  I’m happy to pay the dues for inclusion in the association and devote all of my efforts to equitably supporting you.  Additionally, I will volunteer for any task needed to help the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball and improve your experience.

For those who don’t know me:

  • I’ve been a member for 5 years, playing for the Farriers our first season.
  • I was the original captain for the Phoenix of East Nashville and served for 2.5 years.
  • I’ve been on the H&H9 since it started and travelled to Gettysburg & Dyersville.
  • I organized the H&H9 efforts for the Wheaton, IL matches, doing much of the planning while I was on vacation.
  • I helped build the original backstops & benches.
  • I Traveled to Knoxville twice to help with try-out camps.

None of this makes me more deserving but all I really want to do next year is be your player representative. 

Due to previous commitments I will not be available the rest of our season. Also, I won’t be able to attend the banquet; however, I hope you will still give me the confidence of your vote.

Rocky “Stonewall” Jackson – Quicksteps of Spring Hill

Members of TAoVBB,

I have been a member of the Quicksteps of Spring Hill for two years and an avid base ball fan since birth, including umpiring this great game for 19 years.

When I’m not on the field, you will typically find me spending precious time with my three year old, Tate “Mayhem” Jackson or my one year old, Reese. Other hobbies include fishing, camping, and supporting the University of Tennessee any way I can.

My background as an engineer has trained me to work alongside a variety of fields from marketing and sales to C-level positions such as presidents and CEO’s. These collaborative skills will be vital in bringing the voice of the ballists to the board.

My strength is making ideas come to fruition with minimal setbacks. This takes hard work and a great attention to detail from brainstorm stages through execution. I plan on asserting my skills to better our great organization by getting teams more involved in our community. Reading to children at libraries, visiting children’s hospitals, practicing with current teams to teach the differences between our game and today’s version, among so much more.

It would be my honor to serve you as a player representative of the TAoVBB.

Strike Well,
Rocky “Stonewall” Jackson

Kenneth “Buttermilk” Roberts – Franklin Farriers

Members of the TAOVBB,

I have been a ballist in the TAOVBB since 2014, but I have played baseball and now base ball my entire life. I picked up a bat when i was 4, and have yet to put it down. I love the game, and every aspect of it. When I saw my first game at Sam Davis I was hooked, and jumped at the first opportunity to play with this great group of men and women. 

Since joining the TAOVBB, I have served 1 year as co-captain, and am currently serving my first year as captain for the Franklin Farriers. I have also been on the front end of the H&H since it’s inception. I have helped organize travel games in Ohio, St. Louis and even to the Field of Dreams in Iowa, as well as captaining many of those games. 

I am a very outgoing person, and a very fair and honest captain. As your player rep, I will have the same attitude toward the issues of the players of this great organization as I do toward my own teammates.

Strike well my friends,
Kenneth “Buttermilk” Roberts