2015 Schedule Released

Today we have announced our 2015 schedule of play for the 2015 season. We will conduct 64 matches at 8 sites over the course of the summer, opening April 4, 2015 at the 6th Cavalry Museum in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Saturday4/4/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumNSH 23-MTN 12
Saturday4/4/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumFRA 15-LCC 10
Saturday4/11/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseHRD 10-KNX 9
Saturday4/11/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseSCS 13-EMK 5
Sunday4/12/201512:00pmPhoenix of East NashvilleOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationPEN 14-OHT 9
Saturday4/18/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumKNX 17-MTN 14
Saturday4/18/20152:30pmEmmett MachinistsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumEMK 20-LCC 15
Sunday4/19/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsPhoenix of East NashvilleSam Davis Home & PlantationNSH 7-PEN 1
Sunday4/19/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersStewart's Creek ScoutsSam Davis Home & PlantationSCS 16-FRA 9
Sunday4/19/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationHRD 10-OHT 6
Saturday5/2/201512:00pmPhoenix of East NashvilleEmmett MachinistsWorld's Fair ParkPEN 12-EMK 10
Saturday5/2/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersKnoxville HolstonsWorld's Fair ParkFRA 9-KNX 7
Saturday5/2/201512:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMTN 9-LCC 5
Sunday5/3/201512:00pmStewart's Creek ScoutsHighland Rim DistillersCarnton PlantationHRD 9-SCS 8
Sunday5/3/20152:30pmNashville MaroonsOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationNSH 15-OHT 8
Saturday5/16/201512:00pmStewart's Creek ScoutsNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkSCS 14-NSH 8
Saturday5/16/201512:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 8-LCC 2
Saturday5/16/20152:30pmHighland Rim DistillersEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseHRD 22-EMK 0
Sunday5/17/201512:00pmMountain City of ChattanoogaOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationOHT 14- MTN 8
Sunday5/17/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleFranklin FarriersCarnton PlantationFRA 16-PEN 12
Saturday5/30/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumLCC 12-OHT 8
Saturday5/30/201512:00pmEmmett MachinistsKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 19-EMK 0
Sunday5/31/201512:00pmStewart's Creek ScoutsFranklin FarriersBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkSCS 11-FRA 10
Sunday5/31/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkNSH 10- PEN 3
Sunday5/31/201512:00pmMountain City of ChattanoogaHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationMCC 7-HRD 6
Saturday6/6/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 12-NSH 6
Saturday6/6/20152:30pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseLCC 9-EMT 5
Saturday6/6/201512:00pmFranklin FarriersMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMCC 19-FRA 5
Sunday6/7/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersOak Hill TravellersSam Davis HomeOHT 17- HRD 4
Sunday6/7/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsPhoenix of East NashvilleSam Davis HomeSCS 5-PEN 2
Saturday6/20/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumKNX 18-MCC 6
Saturday6/20/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumLCC 11-SCS 8
Sunday6/21/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationHRD 5-NSH 3
Sunday6/21/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersPhoenix of East NashvilleCarnton PlantationPEN 7-OHT 4
Sunday6/21/20152:30pmEmmett MachinistsFranklin FarriersCarnton PlantationEMK 13-FRA 12
Saturday7/11/201512:00pmNashville MaroonsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumLCC 19-NSH 18
Saturday7/11/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMTN 7-PHX 5
Saturday7/11/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 8-EMK 7
Sunday7/12/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersFranklin FarriersCarnton PlantationHRD 8 - FRA 5
Sunday7/12/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsOak Hill TravellersCarnton PlantationOHT 8 - SCS 4
Saturday8/1/201512:00pmMountain City of ChattanoogaLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumMTN 10 - LCC 8
Sunday8/2/201512:00pmEmmett MachinistsNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkNSH 4 - EMK 3
Sunday8/2/20152:30pmHighland Rim DistillersPhoenix of East NashvilleBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkPEN 6 - HRD 2
Sunday8/2/201512:00pmKnoxville HolstonsStewart's Creek ScoutsSam Davis Home & PlantationSCS 12 - KNX 7
Sunday8/2/20152:30pmFranklin FarriersOak Hill TravellersSam Davis Home & PlantationOHT 24 - FRA 9
Sunday8/9/201512:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaPhoenix of East NashvilleSam Davis Home & PlantationLCC 10 - PEN 5
Sunday8/9/20152:30pmNashville MaroonsStewart's Creek ScoutsSam Davis Home & PlantationSCS 17-NSH 5
Sunday8/9/201512:00pmFranklin FarriersHighland Rim DistillersMansker's StationHRD 19 -FRA 4
Saturday8/15/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersKnoxville HolstonsWorld's Fair ParkKNX 9-OHT 3
Saturday8/15/20152:30pmMountain City of ChattanoogaEmmett MachinistsWorld's Fair ParkMTN 12-EMK 2
Saturday8/29/201512:00pmOak Hill TravellersEmmett MachinistsHistoric Ramsey HouseOHT 8 - EMK 3
Saturday8/29/20152:30pmPhoenix of East NashvilleKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey HouseKNX 8 - PEN 3
Saturday8/29/201512:00pmHighland Rim DistillersLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumHRD 11 - LCC 10
Saturday8/29/20152:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsMountain City of Chattanooga6th Cavalry MuseumSCS 4 - MTN 3
Sunday8/30/201512:00pmFranklin FarriersNashville MaroonsBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkNSH 9 -FRA 4
Saturday & Sunday9/12 & 9/13 2015 Sulphur Dell Cup Tournament Carnton Plantation
Saturday9/12/201510:00am CentralEast Nashville Phoenix Franklin FarriersEFF: Eastern Flank Field
Saturday9/12/201510:00am CentralOak Hill TravellersEmmett MachinistsMCG: McGavock's Field
Saturday9/12/201512:00pm CentralNashville MaroonsMountain City Club of ChattanoogaEFF: Eastern Flank Field
Saturday9/12/201512:00pm CentralKnoxville HolstonsLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaMCG: McGavock's Field
Saturday9/12/20152:00pm CentralStewart's Creek Scouts** Higher SeedEFF: Eastern Flank Field
Saturday9/12/20152:00pm CentralHighland Rim Distillers** Lower SeedMCG: McGavock's Field
Sunday9/13/201512:00pm CentralSemi-FinalSemi-FinalEFF: Eastern Flank
Sunday9/13/201512:00pm CentralSemi-FinalSemi-FinalMCG: McGavock's Field
Sunday9/13/20152;30pm Central** Championship Matchup **MCG: McGavock's Field